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Candelabra with candle snufferI have always enjoyed working with wood. From log buildings to furniture, spoons to candle snuffers, working with steel is another media. Wood and iron complement each other, such as forged hinges, door handles and latches, accent work, etc.

Forging has always fascinated me.  Both my Grandfathers did some of their own smithy work.  One would make sled runners by using his wood stove as a forge and the other found an anvil at an abandoned logging camp and used it for repair work on his small farm.  I now use this same anvil in my work so I  guess it's just natural that I'm working with iron.

Lee Westlund - Working in the fordge

I started by forging small projects, simple wood stove tools and hooks. As my technique improved ,  I moved on to more artistic pieces.

Give me a cold day, a warm shop and a piece of steel in the forge or a block of wood in the vice and time can sure fly by.

J Lee Westlund

Call: 715-278-3845

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